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Anti-Discrimination through Theatre

organized by GENERATOR

Vrnjacka Spa, Serbia, 03/02/2011 – 11/02/2011
(3rd is February is arrival day & 11th of February is departure day)

Short description

This is the 7-day training course that involves young participants from 13 organisations and that will take place in Serbia in February 2011. The training course will gather 20 young people from SEE and EU in order to introduce them to a new, creative and innovative technique – Forum Theatre. Forum Theatre can be used to discuss a variety of important social issues. In this case the topics for discussion will be tolerance, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion. The youth will learn how to utilize forum theatre in order to promote team building in a multi-ethnic setting, anti–discrimination, tolerance and social inclusion. They will learn the importance of fighting racism, xenophobia, and discrimination and how they can do this in a creative and innovative manner. Throughout the theatre training this group of multiethnic participants will discover the similarities among them and learn how to respect their differences and be more tolerant. They will also learn to use specific tools and techniques related to forum theatre; the participants will work on developing their own capacities for creating theatre presentations/performances and leading the process with the audience after the presentations/performances. Aside from the training activities, the training course will include free time activities such as a city tour, intercultural evenings and attending a socially engaged theatre performance in order to immerse the participants in the local culture and give them a chance to get to know their peers from different backgrounds. 

Through this TC participants will be empowered and motivated to take initiatives on the European level helping young people understand the importance of tolerance, social inclusion and diversity. The youth will be motivated to participate in actions at the local level upon their return home in order to promote diversity, tolerance and social inclusion.


Preparation for Training course

Please bring any material about your organisation that you consider useful to present it in the Fair of Partner Organisations. If possible, prepare a short (5-10 minutes), but creative (funny, interesting, fancy…) presentation of your country for the Intercultural Evening. Feel free to bring a culinary specialty (food or drink) from your culture as well (it should be something that does not need to be cooked).


Profile of participants:

This training course targets few different categories of youth and youth workers:

  1. young people, age over 20, experienced in theatre work (active in art companies/theatre, activists who use drama…);
  2. actors/actresses/directors or students of drama;
  3. trainers, who would love to gain the knowledge on other methodologies in working with young people;
  4. peer-educators;
  5. youth workers, who would love to start using drama as a method in youth work.

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