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Warm welcome to Youth for Exchange and Unity!

Youth for Exchange and Unity - Deutsche Gruppe e.V. (YEU Germany) is an association of and for young people. We are between 18 and 30 years old and offer the opportunity to visit other countries several times per year and to meet 30 to 80 young people from many diverse nations there. At our meetings, seminars and workshops we discuss about actual political and social topics. While dancing, cooking, making music together, playing theatre and partying we get to know each other's  own culture.

Dates 2008

Here we offer you some seminars, workshops, workcamps and trips. If you are interested in one of the proposals just let us know. You can write an email or call us +49 931 45265635 in order to receive more detailed information.

Upcoming Events

Location Date Theme Deadline for application
Romania 21.07.-29.07.08 Training for (Starting) Trainers of Young Eurpean Citizen  
Turkye, Edine, Van, Mardin 14.07.-10.08.08, 19.07.-16.08.08, 11.08.-07.09.08 International Summer Project 20. June
Spain, Barcelona 01.-11.08.08 TC Children's Rights and Participation 4. July
Germany, Wuerzburg, Glashagen, Berlin 06.08.-23.08.08 Responsible Citizen - Acting in Society for Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights 30. June
Poland, Poznan 01.-13.08.08 Workcamp Poland with orphans in Mosty 4. July
Turkye, Istanbul 17.-31.08.08 Intercultural Turkish language and culture pilot project 23. June
Spain, Mollina 14.-21.09.08 Training for Trainers, "Let's get Global - Bringing Global Education to Our Networks" 18. July
Portugal, Alentejo 05.-13.10.08 Long Term Training Course, "Small actions can change the world" 21. July
Albania, Tirana Around New Years Eve Peaceful Co-Existence of Religious & Inter-Religious Dialogue as a Means of Fighting Religious Discrimination  

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